Explanation of terms: Vitam Agere d.o.o.- owner of the website. Guest - User or buyer. Service Provider: Owner of hotels, vehicles or vessels performing a particular service, which may be Vitam Agere d.o.o. or a third natural or legal party.

Terms of business

- All terms apply to all Internet sites and databases of Vitam Agere d.o.o.
- All personal information is used solely in the intent to perform our services and is not available to the public, unless the user expressly permits it by giving special consent for such purposes
- personal data may be forwarded to third parties in the case of data that is sent by the user who submits a request for the service and the processing manager transmits to the final operator or the trustee the data necessary
- use of postal or e-mail address for sending invoices, bids and pre-invoices
- use data for direct marketing
- personal data of users are kept in the database until the user requests deletion or in the long run if the data is used for the purposes required by the Law (filling in invoice items and similar)

Rights of the user

The right to access to their personal information related to it
The right to repair inaccurate data related to it
Right to delete all data, at direct request of the user
The right to terminate the use of personal data for direct marketing purposes
The right to file a complaint with the supervising body against the processing manager if he or she thinks processing his personal data is in violation of the General Data Protection Act.

I have been informed that all the above mentioned requirements regarding the implementation of personal data rights are sent in writing to

Terms of payment
Payments are in HRK and conversion is made by course of Privredna Banka Zagreb on payment date.
For boat order required payment is 30 % and balance is required 30 days before delivery.

In case of any complaint, guests can contact the official e-mail address or phone +385 (0) 21/370500.

When a customer sends a request on this website, it is considered that he has accepted the above conditions.

In the event of a dispute, the Commercial Court of Split is competent.