BSC 50 Classic (I dio)
BSC 50 Classic (II dio)
BSC 50 Classic (III dio)
BSC 50 Classic plovidba

Technical Data

Length Over All: 4,93 m
Total Width: 2,30 m
Internal Length: 4,35 m
Internal Width: 1,32 m
Weight: 380 kg
Maximum Number of Passengers: 10
Engine Shaft: L
Number of Air Chambers: 5
Tube Diameter: 56 cm
CEE Tube Homologization: C


Maximum Allowed Engine: 80 HP
Recommended Engine: 50 HP


Standard Equipment

Additional Equipment

665 €
5.010,44 HRK
585 €
4.407,68 HRK
1180 €
8.890,71 HRK
215 €
1.619,92 HRK
335 €
2.524,06 HRK
305 €
2.298,02 HRK
710 €
5.349,50 HRK
1715 €
12.921,67 HRK
170 €
1.280,87 HRK
370 €
2.787,77 HRK
165 €
1.243,19 HRK
410 €
3.089,15 HRK
2775 €
20.908,24 HRK

Boat Description

Models of boats that are in BSC Colzani's Classic line are high quality and they are characterized by precision final treatment. Main purpose is their leisure and sport activitie, and they are perfect for customers who want toe njoy in their stability and maneuvering abilities. In development of this inflatable boats is used only the highest quality Hypalon rubber, which is the reason for long life of your BSC Colzani inflatables. There is plenty of practical storage in BSC RIBs and it comes with rich standard equipment. If you want something that does not come as standard, we offer you a wide selection of additional equipment.

BSC 50 is a member of Classic line of BSC Colzani inflatables. It is characterized by large rear bench that can go down in order to make comfortable sundeck and also with console positioned on the right side order to facilitate the movement at boat. It can comfortably accommodate up to 10 passengers. Entering the boat from the sea and from the land is additionally relieved with comfortable side treads and spacious swim platforms.


Price of basic Classic model: 18.950,00 €
(Tečaj: 1€= 7.53450 HRK): 142.778,78 HRK
Price of basic Sport model: 19.950,00 €
  150.313,28 HRK

Transport is not included in price.
VAT is not included in listed prices.
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