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Technical Data

Length Over All: 5,30 m
Total Width: 2,50 m
Internal Length: 4,70 m
Internal Width: 1,35 m
Weight: 435 kg
Maximum Number of Passengers: 10
Engine Shaft: L
Number of Air Chambers: 5
Tube Diameter: 56 cm
CEE Tube Homologization: C


Maximum Allowed Engine: 122 HP
Recommended Engine: 90 HP


Standard Equipment

Additional Equipment

585 €
4.407,68 HRK
770 €
5.801,57 HRK
1285 €
9.681,83 HRK
215 €
1.619,92 HRK
335 €
2.524,06 HRK
305 €
2.298,02 HRK
1500 €
11.301,75 HRK
170 €
1.280,87 HRK
370 €
2.787,77 HRK
410 €
3.089,15 HRK
2775 €
20.908,24 HRK

Boat Description

Inflatables found in BSC Colzani's Classic line are high quality and durable. They are designed for sports use as well as cruise and leisure. The main reason for their longevity and quality is Hypalon rubber which is used in making rubber parts for all of our BSC Colzani RIBs. Except quality, our inflatables are characterized by convenience, because of the many practical solutions and numerous storage compartments. BSC Colzani inflatables stand out with rich standard equipment and wide selection of additional equipment.

BSC 53 is a member of Classic line in BSC Colzani boats. It is characterized by comfortable rear bench that can go down to order to make comfortable sundeck and console on the right side to make easier movement at boat. This is the optimal model from this class of boats, and despite of only 40 cm greater length is quite comfortable and can hold a larger engine. It can comfortably accommodate up to 10 people. Because of the spacious side treads it is relieved entry into boat from shore and swim platforms make it easier to enter the boat from the sea.


Price of basic Classic model: 21.000,00 €
(Tečaj: 1€= 7.53450 HRK): 158.224,50 HRK
Price of basic Sport model: 22.000,00 €
  165.759,00 HRK

Transport is not included in price.
VAT is not included in listed prices.
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